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Yesterday's Horoscope for Sagittarius
Tuesday, 7 February 2023

sagittarius Zodiac Sign

How can you tell when you've reached your limit? There's no easy answer to that question. Your tether seems to be made of elastic. You can pull it a long way before it snaps back. And then there's the issue of what your tether is tied to. As an adaptable Sagittarian, you can 'up anchor' with ease. That's why, sometimes, you can cope with an astonishingly large amount of provocation. Your patience is being tested. You've been dealing with an exceedingly difficult situation. It's time to take action and sort it once and for all. Now listen, if you give me your date, place and time of birth... then I'll tell you what the planets say about you and your future in 'Your Guide to The Future 2023'. It contains page after page of valuable personal astrological advice. Download Yours Now!

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