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Yesterday's Horoscope for Gemini
Sunday, 9 April 2023

gemini Zodiac Sign

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Most of us have seen the 'Where's Wally' books - they've sold more than 70 million copies around the world! We humans seem to be fascinated by the process of tracking something down. There's something immensely satisfying about trying to find Wally among his thousands of friends. For a good while you've been aware that something's missing in your world. Yet however hard you search, you can't quite discover what it is. The answer? Stop looking! As Venus, the planet of love, moves into your sign, expect happiness to find you - and soon. And one last thing, if you haven't yet had a full personal chart reading, calculated from your date of birth, you've been missing out. Change your future... click here!

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