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Tuesday, 6 December 2022

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Delegation is an essential managerial skill. Being in a position of responsibility and knowing what needs to be done is one thing. Pulling it off whilst juggling all the other tasks on your agenda is another. But assigning a mission involves a level of trust. Other people might not do things as well or effectively as we'd do them. Yet it's possible they'll see something we've overlooked. That's why we can risk putting power into their hands. Taking a chance, and handing over some of your responsibilities will turn out extremely well today. Now listen, if you give me your date, place and time of birth... then I'll tell you what the planets say about you and your future in 'Your Guide to The Future 2023'. It contains page after page of valuable personal astrological advice. Download Yours Now! Specially extended to run from now until the very end of 2023!

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