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Yesterday's Horoscope for Aquarius
Friday, 24 June 2022

aquarius Zodiac Sign

If, as Will Shakespeare wrote, 'All the world's a stage', how do we get to choose a top quality author to create our storylines? And why don't they always have happy endings? Where's the comic humour, and the heart-stoppingly touching poetry? You feel a bit as if you've been coerced on to a stage; and that the spotlight's shining on you. You've got to improvise your way out of a situation under the watchful eye of a critical audience. The good news is that this weekend brings the discovery of a well-written plot. You've got this. To discover who you truly are, what makes you tick, and what's just around the corner, you need a full personal horoscope report. Change your future... change your life with an amazingly accurate personal report now!

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