Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Taurus, Year Ahead 2017

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General Forecast

It's easy, in this modern world, when we're just a click away from bringing just what we need straight to our door, to become a hostage to our desires. When we're busy working towards a better life, we often assume that we'll be happier when we achieve a more glamorous lifestyle. We want all the luxury that the financial rewards of success can bring. But, how much is enough? How long before the freedom and independence, that a more secure position in the world is supposed to provide, becomes so secure that it's actually limiting?

It's when we find ourselves trapped in a prison of our own making, indentured to a way of life that we're not really able to enjoy, that we need to examine the motivation that's led us into this trap. If our ultimate goal is to be able to enjoy life, and revel in the time we spend on this glorious planet, what good is it to be beholden to a process where the structures you build keep you trapped within, safe from the wind and rain, but unable to explore the exciting climates that await further afield?

This year, as Jupiter and Uranus face each other across the sky, you're being challenged to seek for the true value and meaning in your world. There's no reason not to enjoy life's indulgences, but the skies insist that you curtail any temptation that leads to excess. Life will encourage you to shed anything unnecessary, and rid yourself of the distractions that have occupied your attention to the point of hindering your progress. Sometimes, the greatest release is to find your limitations, know that you've gone as far down a path as is necessary, and realise that you're free to explore newer, more exciting avenues. And, in 2017, you can be sure that life's avenues will take some unexpected, yet ultimately delightful turns.

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Love Forecast

When we want to impress someone, we often focus on what we're wearing. Humans, being visual creatures, are highly influenced by first impressions, so the right outfit can make a real difference. It then becomes a question of balance, of trying to strike an equilibrium between getting noticed and the ignominy of being labelled attention-seeking. Often a multi-coloured, bright and brash approach is overpowering. Sometimes a splash of vivid colour upon a uniformly grey background is what's required.

Jupiter's adventurous, visionary spirit lines up opposite Uranus' individuality and rebelliousness. If this astrological event were a clothes designer, they'd be experimental, edgy and modern. Which is all very well for a date night, but not so comfortable when we reach the 'Netflix and chill' phase of a relationship! Luckily for us, we aren't required to dress as the planets see fit. But perhaps we should still follow their influence after a fashion. This year, the planets are giving your heart bold tones to choose from. You don't need to become unrecognisable if you decide to sample from the cosmic creative wardrobe. But exploring a bolder, more positive and forward thinking approach in your emotional life certainly wouldn't ruin your style. Just the right amount of creativity in your life can transform your emotional prospects.

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Money Forecast

To truly become who we want to be, we sometimes need a change of environment. The 1988 Jamaican bobsleigh team, made doubly famous by Disney's adaptation of their story, progressed amazingly far whilst training in the tropics. But to master their craft, they eventually had to transfer to snowier climes. You don't need to move to the North Pole to further your development, but a change in mindset will help you reach the next level. This year, your working life can become the source of great reward.

The Jupiter-Uranus opposition suggests that if you explore new avenues and opportunities, they'll lead you towards a wealth that has hitherto seemed incongruous with your experience of daily life. But it doesn't appear out of nowhere… like a hoard uncovered by the bleeping of a metal detector, it will require some digging. It will be a gradual process of assuming a higher form: the result of dedication to discovery, committing to a transformation and being reborn as the powerful, wise, experienced soul you can truly become.

This 'you' understands the finest pleasures in life and how to obtain them. And this 'you' can put them in context with a more holistic life. 2017 can be a year in which you finally feel more secure in the material world, as long as your spiritual world's accounts are settled and in credit.

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