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Scorpio, Year Ahead 2022

scorpio Zodiac Sign

2022 General Horoscope | 2022 Luck and Money Horoscope

Warm, passionate, exciting and intelligent Scorpios also value their intuition. Add your defining characteristic, your depth of feelings, to the mix, and it's a powerful cocktail. This year's possibilities will shake and stir you. But you might sometimes want to protect yourself by retreating from the limelight.

As 2022 begins with your traditional ruler, Mars, in fiery Sagittarius, you're exploring your extroverted side. Expect contact with people charmed by your combination of determination and sensitivity. April's Jupiter/Neptune link brings the confidence to transcend self-imposed barriers, freeing you to make new romantic connections. Inner boldness will let you seize opportunities.

With transformative Pluto, your modern ruler, in ambitious Capricorn for the year (including five months retrograde) your intuition is super-tuned. With increased self-awareness, you can make beneficial changes. As long as you take it gently, your power and influence will grow.

Around your birthday, the cosmic energy reaches its peak. The Sun and Venus enter Scorpio on the same day, followed by two Eclipses in and opposite your sign. It's your chance to reveal new confidence, and make future-defining decisions. Step out of the shadows and take up roles you've yearned to play. But if you need to cast an air of mystery, you're still the maestro!

Luck and Money

All work and no play doesn't make anyone happy. And Jupiter's movements suggest the more fun you inject into your endeavours this year, the greater their chances of financial reward. But while competition is important, the best games aren't played solo. By investing in key partnerships, you'll find new and exciting ways to pursue your heart's desires that lead to mutually satisfying rewards.

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