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Sagittarius, Year Ahead 2014


So what's important for you this year? Is it how much money you're going to have to make or lose or save? Or how much trouble you're going to be in? Or how much opportunity you're going to create? Will your love-life please you? Will you have enjoyable adventures? Actually, what makes this year really different is neither the amount of success you enjoy, nor the amount of failure you risk. It is the way you are going to become able to look with greater maturity and wisdom at the deepest, most important issues in life. Like, what's the point of it all? What's the meaning of your existence? Events in 2013 brought many big issues to a head. You're still reeling from these and wrestling with what to do. But now comes a new understanding which supports the ability to say, 'Now I make sense of what I want to be doing in this world. Now I see what brings me fulfilment and what brings me frustration. And as you become clearer than you've ever been about what works for you and what doesn't, much that has not been working for you up until now either moves out of your way or really starts working. Find out about 2014 in much more detail. What's going to happen? What does it mean for you? Get your 2014 'Guide to the Future' here.


Your sense of adventure always brings you the greatest success though it also causes you most trouble. But in 2014, you've got an exceptionally positive outlook. Even though there's an ongoing astrological issue affecting every sign, involving a continuation of a challenging alignment between Uranus and Pluto, it looks as if, for you at least, the most problematic phase of this influence is over. Whilst this doesn't mean you can completely curb your recently developed tendency to be more risk averse, it does imply a reason to feel less anxious about the outcome of current and future plans. You can't really expect a year which isn't edgy in places. But you can have a year during which you can trust when an impulsive part of you wants to explore something new or different, that it isn't necessarily because you are about to do something foolish. It might well be because you are intuitively recognising an idea that's right. Allow yourself to be driven by positive hopes, dreams and visions. Where you currently feel as if all you want is to get away from some rather negative circumstances, be careful - but not so careful as to let fear guide your choices. I tell you much more in your 2014 Money Video forecast. Get it free here.


There is no written forecast about your Love-Life for the year ahead but you can watch the special video I've recorded. It's free and it's here!


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