Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Sagittarius, Year Ahead 2016

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

General forecast

This year, it is as if you are climbing a mountain. Each day, you have to get out your ice pick and crack on with the endless ascent. Even by the end of the year, you may still have a long way to go. But why did you want to climb it in the first place? The path you are following now is all about something you want to do, somewhere you want to go, something you want to change.

Saturn only visits your sign once every 28 years or so. It brings an opportunity to do something that will make a difference for the next three decades. It may be putting you through a lot; but were you not having to make some compromises regardless? You are now doing the one thing most likely to liberate you from what otherwise may be an age of unsatisfactory settlements. All you have to do is stop telling yourself that somehow, it can't happen.

The message of the rare Transit of Mercury which will echo through your mind all year is simple. This IS your mountain. You DID choose it. And you are going to make such delightful, pleasing progress this year.

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Love forecast

There is no reason, in 2016, to fear problems you can't cope with or difficulties you can't resolve. There have been times lately, when you began to wonder whether you are quite cut out for the life of challenge that you seem, so often, to lead. So many factors arise and seemingly ask, 'What are you going to do about this then?' or 'How are you going to get round this obstacle?' Perhaps you are beginning to wonder if 2016 will bring an occasion where you find yourself beaten. Actually, this year you will discover how to move on from a stressful situation.

Life, currently, seems to be all about hard work. Effort is required, whether in your love life, your social life or your home life. You feel somehow that you are being required to give more than you feel able to give in return for some unknown, unquantified reward. What DO you expect to get back? Other, perhaps, than some relief from a sense of constant obligation? Yet this year brings the emergence of new genuine inspiration and a willingness to share, based on respect! Expect to know the joy of co-operation, facilitated by a more easy-going attitude! You'll feel a greater ability to see what's good about others and less need to point out what it is about them or, indeed, even about yourself, that might be in need of improvement. The cosmic climate makes it easier for you to look beyond imperfection and recognise all that deserves to be celebrated. The natural side-effect of that, is positivity. Positivity, when applied to any interaction between two human beings, inevitably takes away the rough edges, removes the friction and creates enthusiasm.

From this, all kinds of mutually beneficial experiences can ensue. More of that is making its way to you this year. If you like the sound of all that but fear you cannot see, on your horizon, anyone with whom you would like to go through that process, hold tight. The year isn't over yet. No matter how far away from magic you may seem to be right now, it will eventually present itself, right where you can see it and benefit from it.

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Money forecast

Let us begin your financial forecast for 2016 with an old joke. Two people, each carrying a violin case, meet each other in the street. One says to the other, 'Excuse me. I'm a stranger round here. Please can you tell me the way to get to this city's most famous concert hall? The other one looks right back and says: 'Practise.' It may be a weak joke but it conveys a strong point, one that you need to keep in mind this year while the rare Transit of Mercury takes place in a part of your chart which is all about dedication, duty and diligence. If you get your head down, stick your nose to the grindstone, put your shoulder to the wheel and keep trying, you'll be amazed and delighted by how far you get.

There may be moments when it all begins to seem a bit too much. But if you ever get to a point where you feel like you're ready to quit? Then, don't! 'Pick yourself up,' as the old song goes, 'dust yourself down,' as the old song continues and 'start all over again.' If, in 2016, you maintain a steady, committed effort, then slowly but surely a rare, powerful, planetary transit will ensure that even progress which once seemed impossible becomes possible. Change which you so wanted to accomplish but couldn't quite bring yourself to believe might ever happen, will begin to seem, at least, faintly feasible after all. And even that small, faint, distant chance will be all you need because when Sagittarians see opportunity, they know how to seize it. As long as you keep making your effort, you will create possibility. From that slow-growing sense of positive possibility will come, if not a total escape from the wild roller-coaster of financial drama, at least a period during which you feel relatively safe and happy and secure.

Despite recent dramas, current concerns or future fears, peace and prosperity really are genuinely attainable objectives for you in 2016.

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