Your Zodiac Forecasts, from Jonathan Cainer
Your Zodiac Forecasts, from Jonathan Cainer

Sagittarius, Year Ahead 2015

General Forecasts, Money Forecasts and Love Forecasts...

General forecast

"When there's no one else look inside yourself... then you'll find the strength that will guide your way."

So sings Christina Aguilera, in The Voice Within. Is she, like other luminaries I have quoted today, a 'philosopher?' She's a Sagittarian. All Sagittarians are philosophers. You know that. Hasn't your long education at the School of Hard Knocks left you nothing if not philosophical? You know what matters because you have long since learned what doesn't matter. And in 2015, you're going to do the one thing that all Sagittarians were born to do. You're going to bounce right back to where you belong. I'm not suggesting, by the way, that you are currently at rock bottom. Nor, I should stress, lest a rare pessimistic Sagittarian is reading this, am I implying that there's a down on its way. I just need to let you know that wherever you see yourself on the ladder of life's highs and lows, even if you happen to feel you have already ascended to a place of unprecedented elevation, there's further up to go! Ignore, please, what some inexperienced astrologers are saying about Saturn's intentions to weave in and out of your sign throughout the year. They're not the missiles that will knock you off your perch. They're support mechanisms that will hold you steady as you rise.

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Money forecast

Will success, this year, come as a result of diligence, discipline, prudence, sacrifice and thrift? As long as you keep close count of the small change in your purse, will someone forget to keep putting that minus sign next to the big numbers in your bank balance?

Doing well for yourself, in 2015, means thinking on your feet. It may also require you to be crazy enough to repeat some old mistakes. Not, obviously, if they WERE mistakes. But if they were really near misses, close calls or photo finishes, it might be wise indeed to consider running some of those races again. It's funny how a triumphant victory, snatched from your grasp by cruel fate at the eleventh hour can turn over time, with the telling of tales, into an enterprise that must have been doomed to failure from day one. Or at least, it would be funny if it weren't so wrong. You know what needs to be done differently this year. Now trust your own ability to do it differently - and this time, to get it right. Trust, too, your own ability to be brave, bold, adventurous and even a little daring. This is not your licence to be daft. But it is a reminder that what some folk see as silly, in 2015, may yet be the most sensible option you can pursue!

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Love forecast

The more we stop and think about relationships, the more they start to seem so complicated. How does anyone ever attain safe passage through the emotional minefield?

Aren't there specialist training schools out there, where Sagittarians can be coaxed and cajoled, over many years of intensive exercise, to the point where they don't keep making wrong moves and poor choices? Ah yes. So there are. That's what you signed up to long ago didn't you? And this year, you may just be about to pass an end of term test!

This year, you really won't need to think about what works and what doesn't - nor worry about how you need to change yourself in order to be a more attractive proposition to someone whose love and attention you crave. What happens will happen naturally. What works will work automatically. What's real will feel right. And it absolutely need not end in disaster! This year, love, and all that's connected to love, becomes easier than you ever expected it to be. And more fulfilling. Now this doesn't mean that it will all be perfect. Nor will you graduate from your school to the point where you never need any more training... but it still looks like a pretty good time ahead.

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