Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Libra, Year Ahead 2017

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

General Forecast

Given that this year's greatest astrological events are based around Jupiterian influences, the question is whether Librans will be able to consider themselves the lucky beneficiaries of a kindly celestial sky? With the planet of luck, traversing your sign for the first time in more than a decade, can you expect a little more fortune than the rest of the zodiac? You deserve it don't you? After all, you try your best to play fair. You want to improve your lot, and you aim to do so without causing harm to others. So shouldn't you get a little extra for your efforts? Perhaps...

Life responds to everyone who makes good, caring choices. And we all need to set the bar higher if we want to be part of a better world. But, a certain level of kindness and forethought should be considered normal, and only action that goes beyond the call of duty should be singled out for praise. Yet, for you, this year, even with these stipulations, you'll be able to consider yourself due a performance-related bonus. The universe is ready, and willing to respond to your positivity. There's benevolence available to be bestowed, and blessings waiting to be heaped.

In order for you to benefit fully from 2017's astrological aspirations, you may have to shake things up a bit, though. Sometimes, in the midst of searching for perfection, you miss the chance to take advantage of what appear to be imperfect opportunities. This year, choose to make the best of the hand you're dealt, rather than wait for better cards from the celestial dealer. You just need to use your skill and your guile, and tap into the wisdom that resides deep within. And, even though you won't receive the perfect hand, the deal will be more than enough to play well and enjoy the game. Does this make you luckier than anyone else around the card table? That's up to you to decide!

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Love Forecast

We all want to be liked. It's human nature. We are social creatures who seek at least some validation through the estimation of others. It's never nice to hear that somebody doesn't like us. Who in their right mind would have a bad word to say about you? I certainly don't. But then I'm a Libra too, so if I didn't like you, that would say more about me than it does you! The same is true of anyone else who fails to be convinced by your charms. But, being good-natured, kind and caring isn't always enough to satisfy every troubled soul you'll meet. It's important to remember this in 2017.

Jupiter, full of optimism, fun and inspiration, traverses your sign forming several rare oppositions with Uranus in your solar seventh house. This could suggest that someone might want you to change. That they don't share your perspective, and are encouraging you to do things differently and break away from your past. But there's no need to bend over backwards if you don't like the way the world looks upside-down. And those who truly wish to see you rise to your highest potential, are unlikely to contort your growth into uncomfortable positions. Life calls upon you to meet someone's challenge this year. Yet, if you're true to your roots throughout this transition, then your heart will only be gladdened by it.

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Money Forecast

In order to feel comfortable with our financial situation, we need a solid base from which to operate. It's no good teetering from one perilous situation to the next. Of course, some risks must be taken if we're ever to advance, but a reserve needs to remain reliably in place. A sanctuary for when it all gets too turbulent.

2017 will allow you to lay stronger foundations. The recurring oppositions between Jupiter and Uranus focus on Pluto. For Librans, this represents the opportunity to resurrect a sense of strength and power. On a modern building site, foundations are usually made of cement. Keep that in mind as you go through this process. Cement must be mixed. It has to be churned in preparation for pouring. And so this year, the process of laying down a financial foundation may not always feel as smooth or as solid as the base you're trying to create! Yet the planets aren't trying to topple what you've built, nor hamper your upward progress.

You may be challenged by Uranus's urge to break from the past, but your future remains in safe hands. Jupiter, representing wealth, luck and opportunity, is in your sign. This year, its energy can help grow your resources. Remain positive and, brick by brick, the foundations will be laid on which dreams are built.

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