Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Gemini, Year Ahead 2017

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

General Forecast

As Jupiter and Uranus move to opposite ends of the planetary playground this year, there's a process of change under way in your life. Of course, we all know that, along with positive, exciting improvements, change also brings its challenges. In fact, without a hiccup or two, even energetic, charismatic people like you would happily carry on doing the same thing forever. The concept of the unknown makes most of us feel unsettled. You, though, can rest assured that during 2017, the celestial heavyweights have a positive plan in store.

There may be times, though, when you feel bound by unnecessary constraints. Like my toddler, who woke up recently shouting, 'I don't want to tidy up!', you may find yourself prone to a tantrum or two. It's unlikely to be the act of tidying, but the feeling of being controlled... the sense of having no say in the events being orchestrated, that's likely to be the cause of any feelings of frustration.

You'll find yourself wondering why challenges arise just when everything seems to be going so well. Nothing, though, will be achieved if you throw your toys out of the pram! There are new ventures on the horizon - you'll need to hold on to your toys for those. In fact, they'll have a new lease of life and usefulness once you get to your new destination. Your celestial guardians will be looking after you. Just like watchful parents they'll be standing by, ready to leap to your assistance but giving you the space to learn new skills and come to crucial new understandings about how you want to live your life. There are good reasons for their actions that, though sometimes unfathomable, will become crystal clear.

So, don't battle against the forces of change that affect you this year. No matter which stage of life you find yourself in, they're providing the key to the developments that will help you grow into the person you've always hoped you could be, leading the life you've always wanted to live.

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Love Forecast

Few people are as interesting and articulate as you. This makes you an important part of friendship circles. For not only are you interesting, you're interested as well. You're genuinely intrigued by the lives you're a part of. And you make as good a listener as you do a storyteller! But what does this all have to do with your emotional life? Jupiter, a planet all about humour, engagement and positivity, inhabits a part of the sky that, for you, represents creativity, self-expression and romance. It brings with it opportunity and expansion, enjoyment and growth, and even a little wisdom along the way.

Several times throughout 2017 Jupiter makes a historic opposition with Uranus, the planet of change and awakening, and makes its home in your solar house of friendship and kindred spirits. As the two planets align, they link with Pluto, encouraging you to look again at a key, intimate relationship. Somewhere, among the people you weave together with your social needle and thread, is a bond that transforms this year. Yet the story it tells may not always be easy to understand. You'll have to listen hard and investigate thoroughly to reveal the true insights this partnership can reveal. But don't ever lose hope. A surprising act of generosity, or a playful change in your thinking, may be all that's required to deepen an important relationship.

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Money Forecast

I have a treasure map. Attila the Hun's looted Roman gold was thought lost to the mists of time, but whilst researching astrology in an ancient, leather-bound tome, I've found its whereabouts No, don't thank me - I require someone, with your sharp intellect and creative and curious disposition, to journey to, and excavate, at the mysterious 'X' marking the spot. But first, you must prove that you're really as bright as you seem.

You probably know that there's no buried treasure. But perhaps I can still guide you towards greater financial reward. 2017 speaks of insights - secrets unearthed that help transform key financial relationships. It's no solo expedition - it'll take teamwork, co-ordination and communication to improve your circumstances. Yet most of all, it'll require positivity. Jupiter's wealthy, optimistic and benevolent influence spends much of the year positioned to bring you immense creativity and generosity of spirit. In someone as intelligent and articulate as you, these qualities can prove irresistible.

You'll begin moving in new circles, breaking down social barriers and discovering fresh ground from which to operate and influence. Here, you'll find allies to advance your cause, and people key to the flourishing of financial arrangements. There are partnerships you'll develop this year which can surpass expectations. Give them the care and attention they deserve and you too can thrive.

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