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Your Year Ahead 2019

Your 2019 General, Money and Love Forecasts.

Your General Forecast
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The year ahead brings an event that will be visible across the world as Mercury, planet of communication, trade and commerce, traces a path across the face of the Sun in November. This Transit of Mercury won't happen again until 2032, yet it echoes back to 2016 - the last time such an event took place. Just think about how the world has altered since then... fires, floods, famines and fake news. Trump, Brexit, you name it, all the things we thought we could depend on were thrown up in the air; and unparalleled and unimaginable change affected all our lives. The good news, is that the build-up to this year's transit brings potential for more honest communication and a sense of relief; as hidden agendas become clearer and new bonds of trust are nurtured.

The Supermoon Total Eclipse in January gets us off to a flying start and is one of many optimistic cosmic signs this year. As the Moon turns red, it focuses intentions like a laser. With the right kind of motivation, this can be the moment when the intense period of upheaval we've been experiencing finally begins to settle into an easier phase. Then, as the doors to better communication gradually open, we can expect positive (if surprising) developments in regards to difficult and divisive issues such as referendums, elections and breakdowns in trust, which have caused so much misunderstanding and division.

Jupiter, planet of luck, adventure and boundless optimism, will be at full strength in its home sign of Sagittarius for almost all of 2019. That means we're in for adventure too. Advances can be made on even the most difficult of journeys. Since Jupiter brings a welcome sign of pleasure, there's some much-needed fun to be had. And, along with this surge of optimism comes a quest for meaning and purpose, so that we not only develop a stronger belief in the potential to act with integrity and care for ourselves, our neighbours and our planet, but we might even see the occasional miracle or two!

The new year also brings a chance to explore what we once thought impossible. Jupiter's relationship with the visionary dreaminess of Neptune represents a real opportunity to grow into roles we might envisage for ourselves but have never had the confidence to inhabit fully. A pervading climate of hope, will bring chance upon chance to reach within and discover ways to fulfil dreams. Mars, the power planet, adds dynamism to the astrological mix, bringing the energy to dive into Neptunian unchartered waters and find unexpected treasures.

Uranus, planet of disruption and revolution, begins to move forward after the first week in January. This signifies momentum and brings hopeful new allegiances. Even those in conflict may find themselves moving along a similar track. But when Uranus returns to Taurus (early in March) that we can expect some shocks to the system. We might welcome the resulting innovation, but it also brings a reminder that security and stability are sometimes necessary casualties on the road to genuine progress.

Yet shocks and impermanence are a part of life. The antidote for tumultuous times lies with Saturn and Neptune's long-awaited and encouraging alliance, which peaks three times in 2019. While taskmaster Saturn's down-to-earth, disciplined nature seems at odds with Neptune's free-spirited expressive style, these strange bedfellows encourage the best in each other. Saturn's determined realism helps to cement Neptunian dreams, and ensures that inspiring visions become more than wishful thinking. With their final tryst coinciding with the Transit Of Mercury, the journey of 2019 will end optimistically. It will be a year of adventure, but with plenty of potential for revival and renewal too.

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Your Money Forecast
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The Transit of Mercury will signal a watershed moment in world fortunes as we watch the shadow of the elusive planet which represents commerce slip backwards across the star at the heart of our solar system. This is a cosmic invitation to re-examine our financial systems and our investment priorities. In March, when Uranus, the great innovator, moves into earthy Taurus (which rules money) a period of disruption and unpredictability will lead to a recalibration of expectations and a more realistic approach to global financial restructuring. With Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn all in their own signs and making important alignments over the course of the year, sustained growth, driven by carefulness rather than greed becomes a viable possibility. The Transit of Mercury brings hope... that the decisions we make in 2019 will reveal a different approach to how we think about wealth. A new way of sharing is possible, with contentment and appreciation as the rewards.

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Your Love Forecast
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THE ART of great relationships lies in good communication. That's why the Transit of Mercury will have a profound influence on how we feel about love this year. Mercury is the winged messenger who whispers sweet nothings and facilitates mutual understanding. Although the transit occurs in November, the build-up towards its visible journey across the Sun will influence all interpersonal interactions throughout 2019. Jupiter, at home in its own sign, brings extra magic to the astrological love mix, adding a dash of adventure and a yearning for excitement. We will embark on quests for knowledge about one another, fuelled by the desire to seek better understanding of ourselves, and our nearest and dearest. The healing series of Saturn-Neptune sextiles, which culminates at the Solstice, evokes a growing tide of trust and empathy, which brings the possibility for deeper and more genuine commitment to all relationships this year.

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