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Weekly Taurus Horoscope

Saturday, 13 August 2022

taurus Zodiac Sign

Your Weekly Horoscope: Some restaurants have a message printed on their menus. 'If there's anything wrong, let us know. If you've enjoyed your meal, spread the word'. The second part of this statement makes sense: trade will improve if their reputation spreads. But why would anyone ever ask for criticism? Who does that? It's not exactly easy to take. Yet we can all learn so much from being gently informed of where we could do better. If you're open to some constructive criticism, you'll save a lot of time and make dramatic progress this week.

Now...The last Supermoon of 2022 is still exerting it's influence. Expect the unexpected, the magical, the surprising. People who you thought you knew well, will do things you would never have predicted. Events may take an unexpected turn. Revelations and fresh insights abound. And... just for the Last Supermoon of 2022, 50% Off all Birth Charts, plus a free Personal Profile. (LIMITED OFFER)

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