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Sat, 17 Jun 2017

Your Week Ahead: Where's the guard, clutching the rifle, guarding the door through which you can never hope to pass? Are you sure it's even locked? And if it is, what's that key-shaped object lying on the floor? As Mercury combines with your ruler, at the Solstice, you're being helped to see new possibilities, options, alternatives, and invitations. These aren't fanciful visions, intended to bring comfort in moments of frustration. They represent real chances, as long as you're willing to take them. But you need to stop doubting your abilities.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: The world is often dismissive of people with too much confidence. They're labelled arrogant and insensitive and accused of being in love with their mirror! Yet in a strange way, folk who like themselves that much exude an almost hypnotically attractive quality. I'm not suggesting you should cultivate such a tendency - but you ought not to go to the other extreme and find fault with yourself. If you want to improve a key relationship this week, remember: a little pride is nothing to be ashamed of!

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