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Sat, 22 Oct 2016

Your Week Ahead: When our vehicles are muddy, there's the car wash. When our clothes get grubby, there's the washing machine. But where do we take our memories when they're sullied? Must we just leave them in their corrupted, confused state? We tell ourselves stories about our histories, and we repeat them so often that we begin to believe they're objective facts - the only accurate version of events. But, as the Sun conjuncts Mercury this week, you can revisit a part of your past. Once you see it differently, you'll be able to implement changes and unlock the potential of your future.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: When our mind is free to wander, we can't help but drag up issues that usually remain filed away in a cabinet somewhere. And, every now and then, when we're trawling through the pages of memory files, we discover something that we've missed. Perhaps a new experience allows us to view things from a different angle, or enough time has passed for us to appreciate the lessons we've learnt. It's in such moments that we can re-file a page from the drawer marked Regret into the folder labelled Opportunity. Don't sweep aside this golden chance. It can be truly heart-healing.

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