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Sat, 21 Oct 2017

Your Week Ahead: Being stuck between a rock and a hard place is, to say the least, uncomfortable; especially when it's situated in a cloud of confusion. But the difficulties you face over making a decision are creating a discomfort that is affecting almost every aspect of your life. How can you relax and enjoy yourself when your mind is full of unanswerable questions? Fortunately, clarity is on its way. Following Mars' change of signs, the Sun, as it enters Scorpio before linking with Jupiter, will let you reach a clear and decisive resolution.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: A common misconception about forgiveness is that it absolves the other person of their wrongdoing. This isn't true. Forgiveness is for you, the person doing the forgiving. It's permission to let go of the thing that's eating you up, to learn from that negative experience while still moving on. And it's crucial because it comes from you - the most important person in your life. Dwelling on an old emotional wound hurts no one but you, so why keep revisiting it? When you finally forgive that person, they - and the hurt they caused - no longer have power over you. And aren't you owed as much?

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