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Sat, 17 Mar 2018

Your Week Ahead: I wonder if the band Journey were interested in astrology. Their name represents the Ninth House in astrology which is home to faith and long-distance travels! It's also where the Sun moves into your chart this week, suggesting that you're about to embark upon a mental, physical or spiritual quest. Although the most exciting journeys involve ventures into the unknown, sometimes we have to travel over familiar ground too. So if you end up retracing some steps this week, don't lose heart, and don't stop believing.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Did she mean what she said? What did he mean by that? We search for meaning everywhere. Douglas Adams decided that the meaning of life was '42'- as good an answer as any. Infuriated by these shifting sands, some people decide that nothing has any meaning any more - leading to a life bereft of meaningful engagement. Happily, the cosmos is on hand this Equinox week to contradict such ideas. As the Sun enters Aries, your Ninth House, an important journey - either physical or emotional - is indicated. The union of communicative Mercury and loving Venus is particularly apt.

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