Jonathan Cainer's Mobile Horoscopes
Sat, 27 Jun 2015

Your July Monthly Forecast: What's out of step, out of line, out of place? In July, you're perfectly placed clear up a mess, fix a mistake and sort out a misunderstanding. That, sadly, doesn't mean you're assured of success at every turn. Nor does it mean you are beyond all blame for whatever has gone wrong. Even so, the big question is not, 'Whose fault is this unsatisfactory situation?'. It's just, 'Who is going to take constructive steps to deal with it so that all can benefit?' Actually, that isn't even a question. We all know that answer already. It's you!

Now, your 'sun-sign' can only give you a tiny insight into what's happening in your life and what you are like but a full horoscope chart is like zooming in with a high resolution camera. You will be amazed by how accurate and revealing it can be. Download yours here.

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