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Sat, 02 Jul 2016

Your July Monthly Forecast: In a few million years to come, when the Sun implodes and the solar system ends, your life (and mine) will be memories as distant as those of the days of the dinosaurs. Where will we be by then? While I leave you to contemplate that profound point, let us look at your month ahead. July, if nothing else, will bring you an experience that contrasts the magic and the mystery of the vast and eternal, with the pettiness of some passing problem. Your very ability to see that distinction will be part of the same process by which you find a true solution!

Now, that was your Sun-Sign forecast. But a full horoscope birth-chart, written by Jonathan will amaze and inspire you. Inside, you'll find the distilled wisdom of his 30 years of astrological interpretation. Jonathan's insight and compassion shine through in every word. Change your life? It just might! Download your personal horoscope chart now.

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