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Sat, 30 Jan 2016


Click here to see a larger picture. Your February Monthly Forecast
February begins with a conjunction of Mercury and Pluto. As soon as this wanes, Venus takes over where Mercury leaves off and the whole thing happens while Pluto forms a 90-degree alignment to Uranus. Mars, meanwhile, creates an agitating 'inconjunct' to Uranus. Sorry to blast you with jargon or, as some sceptics might say, blind you with pseudo-science... but this is a powerful time for many. If, this month, you feel as if your world is being turned upside down, don't worry. All will get set straight again, sooner (and more happily) than you may expect.

Now, I've just updated the introduction to your Guide to the Future with a special Valentine focus on Venus, the love planet and the position it held in the sky on the day that you were born! What does this mean about your emotional and romantic needs? What's going to happen to you? And for a limited time there's 20% OFF too. Download yours here

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