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- 10 April 2023

Daily Illustration

Divine Love

It's Easter Monday, the final day of the holiday focused on celebrating divine love. And everyone (religious or not) enjoys a day off! As Venus, the planet of love, prepares to move into a new celestial home, and the Sun heads towards a link with lucky Jupiter, we all have access to higher cosmic powers. With faith in ourselves, this is a time when we can be inspired to face challenges in ways that lead to prosperity. Generous-hearted actions will be rewarded in kind. Today is about sharing joy.

Is your future set in stone? Or can you mould it, like clay, to create a new world that you really want to live in? The ancients believed that a horoscope was a key that open the locked door of a "sealed fate" into an open book of inspiring possibilities. Gain the power of cosmic insight... and the knowledge to time each choice you make with pinpoint precision. Allow us to calculate your birth chart and prepare a reading, personal to you alone, containing all the crucial dates and moments, over the coming 12 months, when you will have the greatest power to write, or rewrite, the story of your life.

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Aries Zodiac Sign


Monday, 10 April 2023

'There's a whole lot of things that I've never done... but I ain't ever had too much fun'. The lyrics of this light-hearted country song hide a truth we need to remember. It's easy to get so caught up in doing what we 'should' do that we forget to enjoy ourselves. Do we ever have 'too much fun'? I doubt many of us give ourselves the opportunity to find out!! As the Sun moves to link with fun-loving Jupiter, fun options are appearing in your world. If you stop taking something so seriously you can enjoy the good things coming your way. To understand the world you must first understand yourself. There's so much more to your story than your Sun-sign. A full horoscope reading based on your birth details will give you the whole picture... and may just change your life. Download yours now!

Taurus Zodiac Sign


Monday, 10 April 2023

I know you've got lots on your plate and are struggling to fulfil the demands being made on your time. I can see that you're worried about how a dramatic situation will end. But I'm still going to take an esoteric approach to your prediction and talk about the nature of existence. What life is really all about. It's not an easy topic to address. And you don't want to think about philosophical concepts until your problem's sorted. Yet if you focus on the philosophy behind the drama, you'll find that the practical issues can be easily resolved. Make 2023 your best year yet with a Free Trial of the 5 Star Service.

Gemini Zodiac Sign


Monday, 10 April 2023

You've been trying to catch hold of your confidence, but, like soap in the bath, as soon as you find it, it slips through your fingers. And the sense of nervousness won't wash away. Yet the situation you're dealing with requires good judgment and enthusiasm. You can't afford to be gloomy or despondent. The good news is that Venus (love and abundance) is moving into your sign. As you start to feel more positive and hopeful, that slippery stuff will be easy to grab. Your confidence will be back with a vengeance! You'll be bubbling with it! But, wait a moment, just what is the Cainer Horoscopes 5 Star Service? Take a free trial and find out!

Cancer Zodiac Sign


Monday, 10 April 2023

Whether it's a cupboard that needs a clear out, a shelving unit that needs reorganising, a project that needs reassessing, or a relationship issue, there's a cluttered area of your life that deserves your attention. With the Sun moving towards a link with Jupiter, you've got the energy to start on something you've been putting off. Whenever we start sorting, we make things messier. But that's nothing to fear. Whether it's by talking things through, or physically clearing, the space you create will be filled with positivity and creativity. Make 2023 your best year yet with a Free Trial of the 5 Star Service.

Leo Zodiac Sign


Monday, 10 April 2023

There are no absolute certainties. Will the sun set tonight and rise tomorrow? We expect so. But there is no guarantee. Will you take another breath when you've finished this one? It's highly likely, but it's not completely certain. It makes us uncomfortable, but some uncertainties are always going to be uncertain! They're part and parcel of existence. We have to learn to live with them. As your ruler, the Sun, moves to link with lucky Jupiter, will you have a good day? It's highly likely - but we can't be 100 per cent certain! And one last thing, if you haven't yet had a full personal chart reading, calculated from your date of birth, you've been missing out. Change your future... click here!

Virgo Zodiac Sign


Monday, 10 April 2023

Think about what you loved when you were young. The music you listened to. The food you preferred. The TV shows you never missed. How many are the same now? Even if I could fit into my leather jacket from twenty years ago, I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it! We move on. Our tastes change. Unsurprisingly (and reassuringly) the same is true of our opinions and beliefs - they evolve too. Don't let anyone 'guilt trip' you for changing your mind today. You're allowed to think what you want to think. And do what you want to do. Make 2023 your best year yet with a Free Trial of the 5 Star Service.

Libra Zodiac Sign


Monday, 10 April 2023

It would be amazing if all your dreams came true. And equally amazing if everybody else's did! The tricky thing is that dreaming is something we do in private. We keep our desires close to our chests. As a dreamy idealist, you feel that you need to protect yourself from realists; you worry that their pragmatic approach will discount your dreams as mere fantasies. As your ruler, Venus, gets ready to move into thoughtful Gemini, focus on the dream that might appeal to other people. Your aspiration can become theirs too. Oh, by the way, your full birth chart, calculated from your date of birth will tell you far more about what's in store and how to make it work for you. Click here!

Scorpio Zodiac Sign


Monday, 10 April 2023

Some people have high opinions of themselves - they expect admiration and respect. You, though, are the more modest type, which adds to your charm. Your obliviousness to your virtues only heightens your appeal. When other folk have complicated decisions to make, who better to trust than someone who puts others before themselves, and truth ahead of flattery? Your opinions are much valued. Which is putting you under pressure. Do you deserve to be trusted today? Absolutely. Your instincts are spot on. Make 2023 your best year yet with a Free Trial of the 5 Star Service.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign


Monday, 10 April 2023

You've been through a tricky time recently. A challenging situation has demanded your attention, but you've come through the other side. Phew! It's time to celebrate and take advantage of a new astrological climate. Venus moving into your opposite sign brings you a chance to do something you've long wanted to do. It's going to involve working with other people. And you'll need to access your diplomatic skills to get them to go along with your plan. But you can do that. Your ability to charm and influence is on the rise. But wait, there's more to you than your sun-sign reading. You should read your personal horoscope report. Inside you'll find page after page of insights and predictions all about your personality and what's in store for you in the future. You can download a personal horoscope chart here

Capricorn Zodiac Sign


Monday, 10 April 2023

Which car best represents you? A zippy, soft-top sports car to nip around in? Or a more conventional cruise-mobile that you can drive in comfort and style? Maybe you're happy with a basic model that can get you and your loved ones from A to B? Whichever you prefer, be aware that your engine has just gone through an overhaul. You're feeling energised and ready for action. Just make sure you've got your satnav fitted before you set off today. You don't want to waste that momentum by heading off in the wrong direction! Make 2023 your best year yet with a Free Trial of the 5 Star Service.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign


Monday, 10 April 2023

When our electronic devices play up, we wonder what we've done to deserve their disapproval. It sounds ridiculous, but it's a natural, human response. It is just as natural (but arguably as useless) to believe that people follow the same logic patterns. We find you facing two different situations. One involves an appliance of some kind. The other involves a relationship issue. As the Sun moves towards a link with Jupiter, you've got both the intelligence to fix the first problem - and the sensitivity to sort out the second. Once you have had your chart cast, you can then go on to look at where the planets are right now - and where they will be in the next twelve months.

Pisces Zodiac Sign


Monday, 10 April 2023

It was a mathematician, Edward Norton Lorenz, who came up with the concept of the Butterfly Effect. It's a brilliant way of illustrating the fact that we never fully know the impact of our actions on other people. An unconscious act of kindness - letting a car out at a junction, running after someone who's dropped their keys, or even a smile, have the power to change someone's day. Such moments are more influential than we think. Go forth with kindness, today. If you're generous towards others, you'll experience generosity in return. Make 2023 your best year yet with a Free Trial of the 5 Star Service.

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